We can tailor make performance to suit your needs. We can adapt performances to any space and create work in response to a story/ theme and for any age group.

Glusburn Institute commissioned us to create a promenade performance around their space. The performance explored the history of the building and we re-created real people from the past who had been linked to the institute. We involved the audience at the heart of the action as they immersive themselves in the drama.

Most recent work written by Beccy;

    • A re-imagining of the Snow Queen – A family show designed to bring magic/ joy to audiences. “Wonderful story telling, beautiful pace and totally absorbing. 
    • Meet Jack – A T.I.E Performance/Workshop “Meet Jack is extremely engaging and relevant. It delivers important messages through humour, audience participation and self reflection.” Director of Community at Vale of York Academy.
    • Recall – An Immersive Theatrical Experience set at an 80’s party. Performed at Bradford Fringe, Manchester Fringe, accumulating in Edinburgh Festival 2022. “The mixture of humour and audience engagement was fantastic and the story and moments of real life turmoil were the reflection of what theatre can do – take you on an emotional journey.”
    • Spreading the JOY – Lothersdale – performance rural community, linking stories of the past to the present generation. “Absolutely fantastic and wonderful. Keep bringing theatre to the community.”


  • Using Drama to practically explore different areas of the curriculum.
  • Specialised guidance/ direction/production of school productions.
  • Training on how to use drama techniques in the curriculum

Being involved in drama activities encourages creative thinking, problem solving skills and working as a team to achieve a shared goal. At the same time, they are developing their self-confidence, communication, co-operation, negotiation and leadership skills in a fun and engaging manner. All these skills can then be applied in all areas of learning. Drama can support speaking and listening, extending vocabulary, encouraging students to express opinions and motivates their extended writing.

We have teamed up with Mind Matters for Education to create the following theatre performances/ workshops for primary school children:

‘Meet Jack.’
The two performances, aimed at KS1/KS2 focus on promoting well-being and helping children to manage anxiety and express/ communicate their feelings. The workshop explores strategies for helping young people identify and talk about their feelings and consider ways to manage feelings through dramatic techniques and devices. Our aims are:
1.To help children recognise and validate their emotions,
2. Explain how it is okay to feel anxious
3. Recognise that things are changeable and the way they feel will alter.

‘The Society of Super You’
An interactive ‘in role’ experience where the children and young people will meet and work with ‘super agents’ to become part of this positive special society! This workshop is suitable for KS2 children or lower KS3 young people and is a one-day project or series of six one-hour workshops. Our aims are:
1. Develop self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to present/perform.
2. Develop group skills of communication, awareness of others and feelings, awareness of self.
3. Develop drama skills; vocal and physical.
4. Unlock their personal potential, while having fun.

Drama gives children opportunities to reflect on difficult issues, using dramatic techniques to discuss, explore and allowing them to express their thoughts/feelings/emotions in a supportive environment. Please email or speak to Beccy to discuss your specific needs/ requirements.


Rebecca has been a Drama teacher for 20 years and is also a GCSE Drama Examiner for Edexcel and is extremely familiar with all specifications. Rebecca also works for Stage 84, teaching acting and directing students for their Trinity Examinations. Rebecca is also an Arts Award Advisor for Trinity.

  • Workshops.
    Devising – This workshop is a step by step session to guide the creation of an effective / interesting / engaging / dynamic / imaginative / absurd / abstract ….(the list goes on) moment of Theatre. This session takes the individual through a process to performance considering what to include in creating their own moment of drama, with a focus on;

    • Character – purpose/ conflict/ tension/dialogue/perspective
    • Structure – setting the scene/ considering non linear/parallel/pan in pan out/flashback/ forward with a twist.
    • Form/ Theatricality – how do you tell your story? How do you communicate your moment? Finding imaginative approaches to refresh and re-think the communication of idea.

    The individuals will form part of a small group and together will be guided through the process to reach a mutual aim of creating an effective moment of theatre

    Youth Voice – In this workshop we use drama techniques as a tool to explore the voice of young people, their feelings/thoughts/stories/experiences. This is a co-leadership project with the creative practitioners adapting and responding to the student’s ideas, their voice and how they want to represent it. This work shop aims to:

  • Give community of young people a voice, a safe platform to be heard /seen.
  • Enhance positivity and the well being of young people in their community.

Recent Reviews

“Beccy and Kirsty were fantastic at connecting and listening to the students making them feel comfortable and able to open up.”

Pastoral Teaching Assistant at South Craven school

“I felt safe.”

“I could speak freely.”

“I could be myself.”

“It was fun meeting other people like me.”

Student responses from South Craven School

“The students involved all felt that there was a positive impact from the drama workshop. Confidence and inclusion standing out as the two that students felt impacted them the most.”

Pastoral Teaching Assistant at South Craven School