Murder Mystery Parties Yorkshire

Our Murder Mysteries can be written for a particular event/ theme or just to celebrate a special occasion with something a bit different!

Over the course of the evening the guests will meet lots of different characters and one of them will unfortunately be murdered! The murderer will be one of the cast and it is their job to work out who the Murderer is and why they have committed the act.

The guests need to listen careful to clues given, observing suspicious looks between characters, decipher whether a character is telling the truth or not, but be warned there may be a few red herrings thrown in to put you off the scent!

Once a Murder has been announced the guests will have the opportunity to question the different characters.

When the guests have reached a decision they fill in a team sheet explaining who they think the murderer is and the clues that led to this answer. The team answer sheet will then be collected in.

There will then be a re-enactment of the murder scene so they can see if they were right. The team with the correct murderer and the right reasons will receive a prize.

Murder Mystery Party Yorkshire