Well, after 20 years in the Education business, teaching children and young adults the joys of Drama, I have swapped for a new business, that of SHOW BUSINESS! Ofsted arrived not shortly after I left and this cemented my decision to leave teaching and concentrate on a new career. When I say to people I am following my dream, my husband comments this sounds corny. Well, yes he is right but so what, that’s what I’m doing and I am loving it!!

Falling Stars Theatre is bubbling with excitement and a drive for success, entertaining the masses. Chloe and I are in the middle of our tour of ‘Here I Belong’ by Matt Hartley and the feedback we have received so far has been fantastic. This play is set in a village hall and many people have been able to identify with the characters we play. One lady said it really made her think about her own life and maybe she has some decisions to make. Theatre can be a powerful tool in many ways and we were quite humbled by her response.

This weekend is the annual Fallfest and we are moving from Glusburn Institute to the Cricket field, where a marvellous marquee has been erected. We are returning with our Edinburgh production ‘To be or not to be? Purgatory is the question.’ This performance was so well received in Edinburgh and I am really proud of the response we got. If you do come to see this production either at Glusburn or on our tour you will be asked to keep the secret!

Thank you for your support in coming to see our performances, we have something a bit different coming in November and December, an Antimime for adults, Sherlock Holmes and the Beast (of wherever we are performing.) We are in rehearsals at the moment and doing a lot of laughing, which is always good for the soul.