What we offer

We have teamed up with Kirsty from Mind Matters for Education to create the following theatre performances/ workshops.
All workshops can be adapted to suit any age group.

Beccy has been a Drama teacher for 20 years and is also a GCSE Drama Examiner for Edexcel and is extremely familiar with all specifications. Rebecca also works for Stage 84, teaching acting and directing students for their Trinity Examinations. Rebecca is also an Arts Award Advisor for Trinity.

Kirsty has experience as a Drama practitioner in an education setting for 20 years. She have experience of the planning and delivery of drama lessons to all age groups, ensuring that the work delivered meets the learning needs of the students and the requirements of the organisation’s desired learning outcomes. Her aim is to support students with their awareness and understanding of mental health in order that they succeed in their studies and personal life.

Our current workshops

Meet Jack - Theatre Workshop for Schools

The performance  focuses on promoting well-being and helping children to manage anxiety and express/ communicate their feelings. The workshop explores strategies for helping young people identify and talk about their feelings and consider ways to manage feelings through dramatic techniques and devices.

Emotion Express Workshop Actors

Climb aboard with Beccy and Kirsty for a 30 minute emotion work out!

Angry? Happy? Worried? Excited? Anxious?

We explore, in a fun and interactive way emotions, what emotions are and how you can manage your emotions.

Magnify - Falling Stars Theatre Youth Voice Workshop

We listen, you share, we respond. We use drama techniques as a tool to explore the voice of young people, their feelings / thoughts / stories / experiences. This is a co-leadership project with the Creative Practitioners adapting and responding to the student’s ideas, their voice and how they want to represent it.

Want a workshop in your school?

Whether you’re looking for drama workshops for primary school, high school or college, we have workshops to suit children of all ages. Drama gives children opportunities to reflect on difficult issues, using dramatic techniques to discuss, explore and allowing them to express their thoughts/feelings/emotions in a supportive environment.

Recent Reviews

“Beccy and Kirsty were fantastic at connecting and listening to the students making them feel comfortable and able to open up.”

Pastoral Teaching Assistant at South Craven school

“I felt safe.”

“I could speak freely.”

“I could be myself.”

“It was fun meeting other people like me.”

Student responses from South Craven School

“The students involved all felt that there was a positive impact from the drama workshop. Confidence and inclusion standing out as the two that students felt impacted them the most.”

Pastoral Teaching Assistant at South Craven School