We have been busy, hence the lack of posts I’m afraid! November/ December we performed ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Beast of wherever we are.’ We had so much fun performing as this amateur theatre company who could have done with a couple more weeks of rehearsal. I, myself, found it exhausting. The performance was so physically demanding but an absolute treat. Skipton Little Theatre’s audience were a real joy and the audience participation was exemplary!! We went to Salford, The King’s Arms, in January with ‘To be or not to be? Purgatory is the question.’ This is a really special venue, theatre upstairs, pub downstairs. We had a fantastic review from Northwest UK. They completely understood our intentions without giving too much away. I am hoping we can tour this production again.

Chloe and I are about to embark on another tour of ‘Here I Belong.’ We had such brilliant audience feedback we decided there were plenty more village halls still to visit. Rehearsals start again this week, we are hoping all those lines have remained stored in our heads!!