A workshop collaboration with Mind Matters For Education for schools and educational settings.

We have teamed up with Mind Matters for Education to create a theatre performance/ workshop for primary school children.

The two performances, aimed at KS1/KS2 focus on promoting well-being and helping children to manage anxiety and express/ communicate their feelings. The workshop explores strategies for helping young people identify and talk about their feelings and consider ways to manage feelings through dramatic techniques and devices.

Our aims are:

  1. To help children recognise and validate their emotions,
  2. Explain how it is okay to feel anxious
  3. Recognise that things are changeable and the way they feel will alter.

We aim to start touring our performances to Yorkshire primary schools in September.
The performance and workshop would cost £400 (40 min performance plus 1hr workshop)

Myself and Kirsty from Mind Matters for Education have both taught drama in an education setting for 20 years. We are experienced practitioners and have a vast understanding of the challenges that young people face on a daily basis. We are passionate about drama, theatre, the empowerment of children and young people and creating change in what is fast becoming a complex world.

We have devised a creative and interactive  performance ‘Meet Jack’ (target audience age 4-11) designed to introduce GCSE Drama students to the GENRE of THEATRE IN EDUCATION.

After watching the performance the students will take part in an hour workshop exploring the strategies and techniques used in the THEATRE IN EDUCATION performance ‘Meet Jack.’

The aim of the performance is to introduce the GCSE Drama students to the style of Theatre in Education through a performance/ workshop so they are equipped to start devising their own work.

Techniques used in the performance and explored in the workshop:

  1. Multi-characterisation
  2. Narration
  3. Music/ Costume /Props/ Staging (All used simply to help create location, define character and create mood)
  4. Thought tracking
  5. Freeze frame
  6. Remote Control
  7. Audience Interaction/ Participation (Socially distanced and how to control audience)
  8. Story telling
  9. Spontaneous Improvisation
  10. Invisible Theatre.
Meet Jack - Mental Health Education Workshop Yorkshire
Library Theatre Performance by Falling Stars Theatre

Testimonials about ‘Meet Jack’

“The ‘Meet Jack’ production and workshop was delivered to all our Year 7 students as part of the transition summer school. The performers pitched the production and workshops perfectly and were very flexible in creating a programme to suit our requirements. The performance was very engaging, enjoyable and skilfully delivered to get across some very important issues surrounding mental health. Our students are still talking about the production weeks on.”

Kelly Wilkinson from Driffield School and Sixth Form

“Meet Jack is extremely engaging and relevant. it delivers important messages through humour, audience participation, self reflection and the fantastic portrayal of the characters the production is based on. Highly recommend for Y5 – Y8 students.

Rob Orr – Director of Community at Vale of York Academy

“We thought the performance was thoroughly enjoyable. We were talking afterwards about the different situations that Jack found himself in. It was really well put together with props, music, acting and audience involvement. Loved it!”

“Fantastic performance and inspirational for parents and grandparents to encourage our children to share their thoughts and worries without fear of ridicule and being dismissed.”

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