Project Description

Sherlock Holmes & The Beast of Wherever We Are

by Geoff Parker

This is A.R.S.E.S (Amateur Rural Society of Entertainers and Singers) first production, they having been working on it for months, what could go wrong?
The Director is manic, the actors are excited, slightly shell shocked and Sherlock Holmes has swallowed a fish bone.
Join Sherlock, Watson and Woofer as they embark on a journey to deepest, darkest Yorkshire in search of a beast. Expect laughs, expect mayhem, expect a jolly evening of entertainment but don’t expect everything to go right.
An Antimime for grown-ups!

Dates & Venues:
Sat 9th Nov 2019 – Sutton Village Hall
Fri 6th Dec 2019 – Guiseley Theatre
Sat 7th Dec 2019– Skipton Little Theatre
Fri 13th Dec 2019– Lothersdal Village Hall

Tickets: £10.00

Sherlock Holmes and The Beast of